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Limitations Of Scrum Project Management Methodology

What is Scrum?

Scrum signifies an incremental tactic for the development of product in quality or quantity within a certain time period. Actually this methodology is considered as an emergency recovery process.

If during manufacturing of products the client suddenly changes their mind, the conventional predictive tactic will not going to do the work. Here the need of Scrum Project Management was created. This management team is well trained to understand the value of the problem very quickly and also find a comfortable solution as per the situation and the scrum master directs the team to achieve the desired goals.

Scrum Project Management

Planning: An Importance  Of Scrum Workflow

In a scrum framework a bunch people works to achieve the same goal- the development of the product according to the client’s need within a very critical. The sudden development needs an unconventional strategy and different planning to finish the scrum. Basic concept lying behind the planning workflow is as followed:

•    Planning the sprint event before starting the scrum is mandatory. Sprint indicates the primary unit of the development project.

•    Specify the time required to finish the unit sprint is also comes under the planning of the scrum.

•    Set an achievable target and estimation of the goals of the sprint is also needed for a successful planning.

•    Preparing of sprint backlog is a major part of the planning event. Sprint backlog keeps record of the work already done during a sprint event.


Limitations Of Scrum Project Management

Scrum is really very effective to recover emergency situations but within a certain boundary it gives the best feedback. Some limitations regarding scrum management are as followed-

•    The scrum will give the perfect feedback when the developers or manufacturers of the scrum project can interact during the development process. But geographically it is quiet impossible for a company to give that much space where all the workers can do their work simultaneously.

•    Scrum approach involves some experienced developer. But a huge number of man powers are needed to finish the scrum project within time. So many companies recruit part timers to finish the project.

•    Scrum sprint requires a good testing of its developed product. But scrum project is done within a very short time period, so the time allotted for testing is very less.

•    Sometimes scrum requires very critical planning while developing the sprint events. But inexperienced workers are unable to deliver the expected performance. As the quality of the scrum is being limited within a certain scale.

Scrum framework involves a product owner, a good development team and an experienced scrum master to accomplish the scrum project. There are certain limitations regarding the development project but if all the members do their job smoothly and give the best, it is possible to overcome the limitations and produce products up to the client’s expectation.

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